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IF YOU TIME IT RIGHT, ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER CAN BE MORE OF A BLESSING THAN A CURSE. Of course, people with ADD have no sense of time, but if we did...

This is the official website for DebiLyn Smith, aka Debi Smith, Deborah Lynne Smith, Debi Osborne and Debbie Saunders a few life times and scars ago.

The purpose here is to re-direct you to Debi’s published writings, where possible, and to give you samples of her style and sometimes shocking humour.

Debi has completed her second mystery book in her ADD Meets Mystery series called Double Dip, a sequel to Not Just One. Both books are looking for a publishing house to pick them up and get them on the market. Once this happens, Debi will proceed past her outline for the third in the series, Three Strikes...You’re Dead.

Debi’s recent battle with breast cancer has prompted a non-fiction book titled Running From Cancer.

"You can run, but you can't hide" is the beginning of this blunt look at life in the Chemo Fast Lane. Smith’s no holds barred, inspirational, informative and comical attempt at Running From Cancer will fill you in on what getting breast cancer is really like. Chapter by chapter she “opens up like a liquid book and pours herself out.” It’s the latest in must haves for cancer prevention and knowledge, the best artillery against this raging battle that’s over-taking North America.

Whether you know nothing about cancer and want to learn more, or if you need some advice on what to do when you or your loved ones get cancer, this little gem will take you to the bottom and back before spitting you out with twenty helpful tips, favourite recipes and places to arm yourself with more knowledge.

Hopefully you enjoy Debi’s writing. If you have any comments to make, please feel free to contact her on Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.

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Debilyn's Book Titles

post date author name entry title
09.28.2012 DebiLyn Smith Running From Cancer - Learning to Fight Back
07.13.2010 DebiLyn Smith Running from Murder - Not Just One
04.18.2010 DebiLyn Smith Running From Murder II - Double Dip
DebiLyn Smith Running From ADD - Under Construction

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