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I am originally from New Brunswick but have lived the past 30 of my 50 years in the small north western community of Houston, British Columbia. I am happily married with two adult children of my own and two adult children of my partner’s.

I am a graduate of Fredericton High, with a class of over 700 students already running and ready to hit the pavement. Without much of a plan, my girlfriend and I jumped in my duct taped Toyota and headed to the mountains of British Columbia. We have both lived out west ever since.

I am an avid downhill and heli skier, snow boarder and all round athlete that takes an hour out every day to whittle the dark chocolate I succumb to every night off of my back side. That might be in the pool, on a bike, jogging down a country lane or chasing the deer from eating the tulips.

It has taken many years of adventures to finally get myself strapped into a chair long enough to decipher many of the scrap notes I have written along the way- notes on things that actually happened that sound a lot like fiction. I weave bits of it into my work but as to which is which, I will never tell.

My written work can be found under my previous name of Debi Osborne and under my current name Debi Smith and DebiLyn Smith.

I am a published journalist, having sold Write It Right to Canadian Living Magazine and the fiction piece Instant Xmas to Western People Magazine in 1998

From 1999 to 2007 I sold over 100 magazine articles, 100 editorials and a recipe column to the website Using will take you directly to the various magazine articles and archives. By searching Houston’s articles, you will be able to find the majority of what I wrote. B.C. Magazine’s Spring 2008 issue published Egg Safety-Innovation.

In May 2000 I was accepted through judging to the BC Festival of the Arts for the OtherWords workshop of 12 students mentored by mystery writer William Devereaux.

On December 18, 2008 two more fiction pieces titled Sand Angel and Christmas Turkey were published by the Western Producer newspaper

From May 27-31 2010 I attended the Bloody Words Mystery Writer's conference where my work was assessed. Barbara Fradkin critiqued the first three chapters of the Not Just One and wrote I greatly enjoyed the story. Good, entertaining and likeable voice.

My non-fiction book, Running From Cancer, along with a second mystery book, Double Dip, a sequel to Not Just One are finished.

From September 27-30, 2012, I attended the Writer’s Retreat at Smithers B.C., receiving critiquing from publishers and seasoned authors like Maggie de Vries (2012 Writer in Residence UNBC, author of Missing Sarah).

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