Double Dip

Sales manager Kathy Sands has a new sideline idea to help pay the bills. in a tiny town where finding a professional detective is about as likely as winning the lottery without buying a ticket. She’s a single Mom ready to find your ex-spouse, missing pet or that one sock from your dryer. After her last case, she has considered making a cape, except for the fact that she can’t sew. Unless you count sewing buttons to her thumb.

It’s the week before Kathy Sands finds her daughter Wendy’s bike thief dead in a dumpster that she discovers a rash of vehicles and bicycles being stolen from the north. Kathy is searching for Margarita, an ex-stripper cum Internet Bride that took her older husband’s money, their new baby and her clothes, before vanishing. He insists Margarita has been kidnapped. About as likely as Kathy not being blamed for the dead kid in the dumpster.

Kathy’s psychic friend is at it again with clues while Kathy’s father has started a new past time that is driving her mother out of town.

Can she handle looking after her drunken Dad, her ex who is never where he says he will be and find Margarita in time to save Wendy and son Warren’s lives? And will Kathy ever make up her mind between Nuzzling Neil and Bad Boy Riley and whose underwear will be next to land on her lampshade?

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