The first fiction piece I sold was titled Instant Xmas to Western People Magazine in 1998. It is a story about a woman who flips over her Welcome mat to the Merry Xmas side, dusts off her pre-lighted tree and buys her turkey dinner already prepared. An unexpected Christmas Card appears from a favourite Uncle to change her entire attitude for the better.

In May 2000 I was accepted through judging to the BC Festival of the Arts for the OtherWords workshop of 12 students mentored by mystery writer William Devereaux.

On December 18, 2008 two more fiction pieces titled Sand Angel and Christmas Turkey were published by the Western Producer newspaper. The first is a romantic story about a young woman’s first Christmas away from her home and the Canadian snow and the second is a humorous piece based on my first experience with a home-grown turkey.

I was short listed for the Terrace Writers Guild literary fiction 2009 contest for my story Surgery Daze. I am not far from having enough short stories to publish a book of collections.

Wish me luck.

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