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Not Just One

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Think mystery, mayhem and eighty-one thousand words of Erma Bombeck meets Janet Evanovich.

Not Just One features naïve Kathy Sands, an easterner duped into marrying Billy, a habitual daydreamer from northern B.C. After two years of trying to get free of his lying ass, she spends the next five trying to track it down. Divorced or not, a little thing called Child Support keeps them attached better than their vows ever did. Desperate to make ends meet, the 38 year-old Kathy holds down two jobs while trying to be a super mom to their two young kids. When her Native babysitter Judy mysteriously disappears for days on end, the entire town fears she has become a victim of the 40 year stretch of highway murders. Until the finger points at Peter Billy Pan, that is, who also disappears, taking their kids with him. Billy is wanted by Kathy, the police, the Sheriff and a desperate drug dealer named Snake, who decides if Kathy dies, Billy will show for the funeral. Despite flying snakes, a tango with a boa, her car exploding and kidnappings, Kathy must prove she is parent enough for her children and rise to the task of protecting them no matter what the cost. Will her determination, with some help from her dysfunctional family and comical cast of friends, enable Kathy to rescue Judy and take control of her life and her children’s?

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Kristine Kelham (Veillette) - March 1, 2014


Not Just One was a captivating read full of humour. The mystery was engaging and the love story laced throughout added just the right touch to pull at my heartstrings. I couldn't put the book down until I had read it cover to cover. Thanks for the great read with many northern BC touches!

Gail LaForge - November 6, 2013

Many LOL Moments

I just finished "Not Just One" A book filled with wit...humor...suspense....I had many lol moments...I really enjoyed it!!!You are an amazing & talented writer!!! Can't wait for the next one...Oh yes...Gorgeous to boot!!! Congratulations on all your endeavours!!!

Lorne - October 24, 2013

Great Read!!

I literally just put this book down. This never happens to me. It usually takes me 30 tries to read a book, but I did this one in three sittings. It is a great, easy read that allows the reader to get lost in Kathy's words. I would suggest this book to anyone that is looking at losing themselves in a book filled with excitement and laughs! Love you

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